Home advantage at the Carswerk Cologne:

To keep order in front of your own doors should be given anyway. That is the reason why we developed an advanced guidance system for the office-campus “Carlswerk“ in cologne, where our second office is placed too.

For two seperate buildings we arranged a color conception that guide from the entrance to the last corner of the area. In front of each of the eight entrances there is placed an entrance displays which are added by parking signs in color and shape. But our parking signs are not only better designed but also as functional as well. Instead of placing the signs in front of the parking bay centrally and get driven over we positioned the elongated signs on the separation line; a small variation with a lot of impact.

At the gateway there are 3 large signs with a map and a list of the residents that serves the overview while a large illuminated sign leads from the street to their destination.